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9 characteristics of Yoshikawa Dental Clinic

1.Periodontal Treatment

Because periodontal disease does not have any symptoms,there are a lot of patients who are not treated.


Periodontal disease is said to be Japanese national disease and first occurs in middle age.


It needs to be treated early before worsening or may need to be extracted.


In our practice we are Scandinavian dental style.


This periodontal treatment reduces inflammation by removing the bacterial plaque which is the source of infection ,which keeps the periodontium healthy,and prevents extraction.


There are two important things that lead periodontal disease treatment to success.


The first is to remove the dirt around the gingiva by brushing properly(role of patient).


The second is to remove the dirt of gingival deep part by a method call scaling(role of the doctor’s office).


Dr Hideki Yoshikawa is a specialist in Japanese Associations of Periodontology authorization.


2.The prosthesis which has high precision that was learned from an American crown bridge specialist.

The space between crown margin and tooth in the crown bridge which we produce is around 20 microns,and the error that a general dentist makes around several hundred microns.this area is very difficult to clean with floss.


I studied under Dr.Junhei Fujimoto of American Prosthetic specialist,and this splendid technique was taught,and I can recommend it with absolute confidence.


The crown bridge work having such high quality is seen only in less than 1% of dentists.

3.Cosmetic Dentistry

Not only must the tooth and crown look beautiful,but they must be beautiful in health of gingiva.


Only after having restored gingival health in our dental office,we can make abeautiful restration.


Because the implant is made of titanium,it never develops cavities.


When you don’t care of implant properly,you cause peri-implantitis similar to periodontal disease.


The general implant operation is carried out by a periodontist mainly in the United States.


This treatment is provided by our doctor,who is a Association of Periodontology specialist,and specialist in ICOI International Congress of Oral Implantrogists.

(The photograph is in ICOI international implant society Award ceremony at Taipei)

5.American style root canal treatment

What is root canal treatment?


Root canal treatment(also called endodontics)is needed when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth(called the pulp)

is infected through decay or injury.


You may not feel any pain in early stage of the infection.In some cases your tooth could darken in colour,which may mean that the nerve of the tooth has died (or is dying).This would need root canal treatment.


Why is root canal treatment needed?


If the pulp becomes infected,the infection may spread through the root canal system of the tooth.This may eventually lead an abcess.An abcess is an inflamed area in which pus collects and can cause swelling of the tissue around the tooth.

The symotom of an abcess can range from a dull ache to severe pain,and the tooth may tender when be tender when you bite.If root canal treatment is not done,the infection will spread and the tooth may need to be taken out.


Success rate of roal canala treatment is said to be about 50% in Japan.It is very low success rate. So often Japanese people lose a tooth.Our doctor has a much higher success rate of 90%.

Please refer to following chart.we have compared the root canal treatment cost of Japan and root canal treatment of overseas.


You can see that root canal treatment fee in Japan is unusually cheap in comparison with developed countries.

Compared to the United states the cost of root canal treatment in Japan is 1/10.Compared to Asian countries it is 1/5.

6.Microscopic Dentistry

Since the oral cavity is difficult to see.bad treatment has been made.

Because of these bad treatment in Japan,many teeth have been extracted unnecessarily.

In recent years ,this treatment is at high magnification with the advent of microscope,this provided certainty in treatment of expanding vision.

However ,since the dental microscope is an expensive machine,it’s not very popular.

It has spread to about 2% of dental office in Japan.


You can not see the hidden next of the 10,000yen note with the naked eye.


You can see the Letters NIPPONNGINKO on the upper right corner,when you look into the microscope.

Leica Picture

Leica Picture

Root canal therapy is difficult to treat in a small tooth the same size as a pea.

We cannnot see with the naked eye, inside the tooth, however this often dramatically improves with a Microscope.

It takes a long time if we use the microscope. but prognosis is obviously better by using a microscope.

Drilling, filling, covering, suturing, these are difficult surgical prodnces.

There is not a doctor that do not use the microscope in brain or heart surgery.

In these cases patients should also wish to take treatment under a microscope.

Dental treatment is also the same. Accurate and precise treatment that uses a microscope takes longer.

Appointments are longer than an hour, but it brings a great deal of benefit to patients.

For historical reasons the introduction of the denntal microscope surgery, University of Pennsylvania Professor Kim of the United States was started in root canal therapy field.

That was about 24 years ago (1992).

And until now, the AEA one of the most prestigious in the endodontic therapy (American Association of Endodontists) for the specialist and the educational institutions of endodontic therapy 12 years ago, has mandated using a microscope.

As a result, endodontic specialists in the United States has used 99 percent of the endodontic specialists a microscope.

In the U.S., there is a mandatory installation of microscope in the law, Treatment with the naked eye shows failures.

7.Infection Control

Recently, in more than 70% of the dental clinic, instruments to drill had not been sterilized, it has become a hot topic in the media.

Characteristics of hte Japanese dentist is not to be sterile.

In Japanese dental clinics such important things have not been carried out in the National Health Insurance.

We have been using German-made autoclave to sterilize the instruments to drill a tooth. And we have made a perfect sterilization.

We are using a class B autoclave of Europe standards that have been used only 2% in the dental of Japan.

8.Swedish style of Preventive Dentistry

The average remaining teeth of an 80 year old in Nordic countries Sweden are 21 teeth.

80 years old man in Sweden is only seven teeth extraction in average.

Japanese old men have dentures but swedish old men don’t have denture.

What does diffirance.

I am disappointed.

In our clinic we practice preventive dentistry in the Nordic.

By Preventive dentistry you can keep the 20 or more teeth in the 80-year-old.

9.Dr Hideki Yoshikawa treats only seven limited patients a day.

I have studied dental specialists in the United States of America and Sweeden.

There is a common factor in specialists.

It is to keep the treatment time is always more than one hour.

On the other hand Japanese dendists treat 25 patiants a day.

If they work 8 hours, they will practis 3 patiants for one hour.

They practices a patiant for only 20 minutes.

It is impossible to finish the treatrment with the understanding in a patiant for 20 miniutes.

We learn in the system of the USA and Europe, I keep an apointment more than 1 hour for a patiant.

Therefore we sometimes ask patiants to treat without insurance.














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